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AWFUL MODS: you're all a bunch of whining sissys


MOD: So I know this says it was submitted by “hayleykuchen”, which is me, but it just changed it to that because I added all that stuff at the bottom. Don’t send me hate mail, I didn’t submit this. xD I’m still trying to figure out Tumblr.

SUBMITTER COMMENT: Why is everyone so concerned…

thanks to this site I know about details I never knew before and I’m not fussy I just want a decent tattoo from a trusted place so I think instead of complaining of people trying to help others you just shouldn’t look at the website at all, the mods delete any hate posts so its nothing to do with that it’s more people want to help those who don’t do it as a profession so they don’t end up upset there tats/piercings didn’t turn out like they wanted it, plus some people who have had bad experiences post there own stories to, I think instead of getting annoyed at the mods you should lurk more because it’s obvious you have no idea what this page is about for you to assume everyone is jealous and bullying others. thank you awful mods for your help without it I would prob make a huge mistake C: 


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    thanks to this site I know about details I never knew before and I’m not fussy I just want a decent tattoo from a...
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    "DOING IT YOURSELF IS HARDCORE, NOT DOING IT YOURSELF MAKES YOU A PUSSY" no you fucking dumbass, doing it yourself MAKES...
  7. immortalbuttercup said: One note: it is spelt jewellery Not jewelry in th u.k.
  8. taconacho said: wow whoever wrote this is fucking stupid. I really hope someday they’ll be too cocky and decide to perform surgery on themselves and fuck up pretty bad
  9. commonwoodscrews said: also why aren’t they looking at bmezine?? that website is amazing and discusses the pros and cons of the DIY culture….
  10. withalookofquoi said: What kind of half-brained idiot sends stuff like this? My brain hurts now.
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